At the Malta Police Force, we’re dedicated to helping your event run smoothly and securely. Recognizing the importance of tailored security and crowd management, we offer specialized services for organizing and safeguarding your special events. Our provision of Extra Duty Services allows for a professional and structured approach to managing the diverse needs of your events.




  • Provision of Policing Services At Private Events: Whether you’re planning a large public gathering, a private celebration, or any event in between, our Staffing & Major Events team is equipped to provide the necessary support. Our services range from crowd control and traffic management to security and protection, ensuring your event not only meets but exceeds safety and enjoyment expectations for all attendees.



Application & Eligibility


  • Application Submission: For detailed inquiries or to arrange for Extra Duty employment at your event, please reach out to our Staffing & Major Events team at 21224001 or via email at Our dedicated professionals are here to assist you with planning, logistics, and the implementation of necessary measures to make your event a resounding success.



Requirements & Conditions


  • Scope Of Service: The provision of officers for hire is conditioned on their deployment for duties that necessitate or anticipate the use of law enforcement powers. Officers are engaged to focus on responsibilities directly related to law enforcement and public safety.


  • Risk Assessment: The provision of Extra Duty services is grounded in a meticulous security risk assessment process. Clients are invited to share their event-specific requirements, enabling us to conduct thorough evaluations that identify, analyze, and evaluate potential security risks. Based on these assessments, we determine the optimal number of officers and the specific security measures necessary to mitigate these risks effectively.