The Collector’s License, as regulated by the Arms Act (Chapter 480) of Malta, is a specialized type of license designed for individuals who collect firearms, essential components, or ammunition for historical, cultural, scientific, technical, educational, or heritage purposes. This license is distinct from other firearm licenses due to its focus on the collection and preservation of firearms as items of interest, rather than for use in shooting activities .




  • Collection Purposes Only: The Collector’s License is intended for those dedicated to collecting and conserving firearms and ammunition with significant historical, cultural, or other values.


  • Non-Shooting Activities: Unlike licenses for sporting or hunting, the Collector’s License does not typically permit the use of firearms for shooting activities.



Application & Eligibility


  • Knowledge & Expertise: Applicants are expected to demonstrate knowledge of the history and characteristics of the firearms they intend to collect, as well as the ammunition used with such firearms.


  • Secure Storage: Applicants must comply with strict requirements regarding the secure storage of the collected items to ensure they are kept safely and prevent unauthorized access.


  • Special Conditions: The license may include specific conditions related to the type and scope of the collection, such as limitations on the number of firearms or particular categories of firearms that can be included in the collection.



Requirements & Conditions


  • Approval Process: The application for a Collector’s License requires approval from the Commissioner of Police, often based on recommendations from the Weapons Board, which assesses the applicant’s suitability and the legitimacy of the collection purpose.


  • Background Check: Similar to other firearm licenses, applicants must undergo background checks to assess their eligibility based on criminal history, mental health, and other relevant factors.


  • Documentation & Inventory: Collectors are required to maintain detailed documentation and inventory of their collection, including descriptions, serial numbers, and historical significance of each item.