Emergency Services (112)

The emergency number 112 is a vital service designed to provide immediate assistance to those in urgent need across the European Union and other countries. It connects callers with emergency services such as the police, medical help, and fire services. Crucially, calls to 112 are free of charge and can be made from any phone, even without a SIM card, ensuring that everyone has the potential to access help in critical situations.

The system is designed to be accessible 24/7, providing a consistent and reliable point of contact in emergencies.

Every day, our 112 emergency line receives approximately 850 calls, yet sadly, 79% of these are not urgent emergencies. To ensure that those genuinely in need can get through, we urge you to dial 112 only for real emergencies. Misusing this vital service can delay crucial assistance to others facing genuine crises.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use our textphone service 79770112.

If your situation requires police attention but is not an emergency, contact us at 21224001.

An actual emergency is any situation that presents an immediate threat to life or property. Examples of real emergencies include violent incidents like assaults or muggings, serious accidents like traffic collisions resulting in injuries or fatalities, and urgent threats such as bomb scares or fires. In contrast, non-emergency situations might include minor car bumps without injuries, lost property, or noise complaints, which typically do not require immediate intervention by emergency services.

If you find yourself facing a situation that poses a direct danger and requires urgent police, fire, or medical response, please dial 112 immediately. When you call 112, our team will quickly evaluate the nature of your emergency. If your situation is confirmed as an emergency requiring immediate action, you will receive prompt assistance from the appropriate services.

When you have an emergency and dial 112 you can expect us to:

  • answer your call within 15 seconds
  • respond with courtesy and attention in every emergency
  • identify ourselves at your request
  • professionally assess how urgent your call is in order to dispatch the appropriate help needed for your emergency
  • do our best to ensure that a police unit reaches you within 15 minutes when your call has been assessed as a genuine emergency
  • follow the call through until your emergency has been resolved or police have arrived to your assistance

All 112 calls are subject to assessment before the level of response is decided upon. Only 112 calls which are genuinely urgent will be responded to on an emergency basis.

We assure you that full confidentiality will be maintained when we answer your emergency call.

The Police Emergency Services Quality Service Charter outlines our commitment to maintaining high standards when assisting you during emergencies. This charter serves as our pledge to deliver exemplary service and continually enhance our operations.

We are dedicated to upholding these standards and are constantly striving to improve our service. We highly value your feedback and encourage you to share suggestions that could help us better serve the community.

If you feel that we have not met the standards we have set or if you are otherwise dissatisfied with our service, you may file a complaint with our Professional Standards Office as follows:

If you are still not satisfied, you may refer your case to the Office of the Ombudsman or the Independent Police Complaints Board.