The process for applying for a hunting license in Malta, as detailed in the Hunting Licences Regulations (Subsidiary Legislation 10.39), involves several steps aimed at ensuring applicants are knowledgeable, responsible, and insured.




  • Possession Of A Valid Hunting License: Individuals must have a valid hunting license issued by the Commissioner to legally hunt or attempt to hunt game, ensuring responsible hunting practices.



Application & Eligibility


  • Approval Process: The application process involves approval by the Commissioner, based on compliance with insurance requirements and recommendations from hunters’ organizations.


  • Examination & Knowledge: Applicants may be required to pass a practical examination to demonstrate their knowledge of safe firearm use, identification of birds, and regulations for fauna protection, ensuring they are qualified for the activity.



Requirements & Conditions


  • Recommendation From Hunters’ Organization: A recommendation from a legally constituted society or organization representing hunters is necessary for both the issuance and renewal of hunting licenses, emphasizing community endorsement and responsible hunting.