Acquiring a Fireworks License, including Categories A, B, C, and D, involves a structured and meticulous application process designed to ensure that all individuals involved in the manufacture, storage, and discharge of fireworks possess the necessary knowledge, technical skills, and adherence to safety standards. This process not only ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements but also promotes the safety and well-being of the community and the environment.




  • Ensuring Qualified Handling of Fireworks: The licensing process is designed to ensure that individuals involved in the handling, manufacturing, and discharging of fireworks are properly trained and qualified. This is critical for maintaining public safety and adhering to legal and environmental standards.



Application & Eligibility


  • Recommendation Letter Requirement: The initial step for applicants is to secure a recommendation letter from the licensee of a recognized fireworks factory. This letter serves as a prerequisite for proceeding with the license application process.


  • Application Submission: With the recommendation letter, applicants must submit their application for the desired fireworks license at the local Police Office. This application should include all necessary documentation to demonstrate the applicant’s qualifications and intentions.



Requirements & Conditions


  • Comprehensive Fireworks Course: Following application submission, candidates are directed to attend a comprehensive fireworks course. This course covers essential topics such as manufacturing processes, safety protocols, legal considerations, and environmental impacts of fireworks.


  • Interview with the Explosives Committee: Upon completing the course, applicants must successfully pass an interview conducted by the Explosives Committee. This interview assesses the candidate’s understanding of the course content and their ability to safely and responsibly handle fireworks.


  • Issuance of the License: Applicants who meet all requirements, including passing the interview, are issued the specified fireworks license by the local Police Office. This license allows them to operate within the scope of their training and the category of license obtained.



Renewal & Continuous Learning


  • License Renewal: License holders may be required to periodically renew their licenses, ensuring ongoing compliance with updated safety protocols, legal requirements, and best practices in the fireworks industry.