The license for target shooting under Malta’s Arms Act (Chapter 480) is specifically designed for individuals engaged in the sport of shooting at approved indoor or outdoor ranges. This license allows for the possession and use of firearms exclusively for the purpose of target shooting, under conditions that prioritize safety, training, and compliance with legal standards.




  • Sporting Activity: Target shooting is recognized as a sporting activity that involves shooting sessions using firearms at targets within designated shooting ranges.


  • Exclusivity: The license is tailored for individuals participating in target shooting sports, excluding hunting or any other use of firearms.



Application & Eligibility


  • Application Submission: The application for a target shooting license must include evidence of completed safety training, club membership, and other personal and firearm details required by the Commissioner of Police.



Requirements & Conditions


  • Safety Course & Club Membership: Applicants are required to complete an approved firearms safety course conducted by qualified instructors or competent bodies. Moreover, they need to be registered members of a licensed target shooting club, demonstrating ongoing participation in the sport.


  • Use Of Firearms: Licensed firearms can only be used for target shooting at approved ranges. The transport of firearms between the licensee’s premises and the shooting range must comply with strict safety protocols, including ensuring the firearm is unloaded and securely stored during transport.


  • Storage: When not in use, firearms must be stored securely and unloaded in the licensee’s premises, adhering to regulations regarding safe storage to prevent unauthorized access.