Road Traffic Incidents

If you find yourself involved in a road traffic accident in Malta, it is crucial to follow these steps:

  • Immediately stop at the accident scene as soon as it is safe.
  • Turn off your engine to prevent any further risks.
  • Activate your hazard lights to alert other road users.
  • Check for injuries on yourself and any passengers, and provide necessary first aid.
  • If you are involved in a front-to-rear collision in Malta, immediately complete the “Front To Rear Form” at the scene. To avoid traffic obstruction and potential fines, safely move the vehicles to a nearby location if possible.

If you are involved in any other type of collision, call the Local Enforcement System Agency on 21320202. This telephone line is solely dedicated to collision reports.

When should I call the police?

  • if someone is in danger.
  • if someone has been seriously injured.
  • you believe a serious offence has been committed.
  • the collision has caused a blockage or dangerous obstruction of the road.