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Emergency number 112 is used among the European Union countries. 112 can be dialled both from fixed telephone lines as well as from mobile phones.
112 is to be used in cases when urgent assistance from the Police, Civil Protection or an Ambulance is required.
Non-emergency calls on the 112 line may endanger the life of other people who may require urgent assistance.  Incorrect use of the emergency line may lead to prosecution.
For more information related to the 112, please click here.
Should a person require Police assistance in relation to a non-emergency case, one may call the Police Command and Control room via (+356) 2122 4001-9.




Reports which are related to non-emergency offences, contraventions and stolen property or damages costing less than €232.93 may be filed online. To file a report online, please click here.
119 is a free phone number which may be used from fixed telephone lines as well as from mobile phones. This number is to be used to give information to the Police. Information given may assist the Police to solve a crime.
Police Stations
Local Police stations may be reached either via telephone number (+356) ​2122 4001, vie e-mail [email protected], or by physically going to the Police station.
 Contact Name 
St. Calcedonius Square
Floriana FRN 1530​
2122 4001