Fireworks Licences

     Fireworks licence A
     Fireworks licence B (D)
     Fireworks licence C

For a person to obtain any of the above listed fireworks licences, a person has to obtain a recommendation letter from the licensee of any fireworks factory with which a person can call at his local Police office and files an application for a firework licence. The applicant is then referred to a fireworks course where he is given various lectures associated with the manufacture and legal aspects of fireworks. The applicant is then interviewed by the explosives committee and if the person passes the test same is issued with the desired licence.

For further information regarding the above mentioned licences, kindly contact the local Police Offices. Police Offices opening hours are as follows :


Monday to Friday 07.30 hrs - 12.00 hrs 12.15 hrs - 14.15 hrs
08.15 hrs - 12.00 hrs


Contact Information:

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St. Calcedonius Square
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