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What is a real emergency?

A real emergency is one that poses an immediate threat to your life and property, such as, personal physical attacks and break-ins. Other situations that we consider emergencies are the following:

     traffic accidents with fatalities and/or injuries
     Bomb threats.

If your emergency or the one that you are witness to requires police assistance, dial 112 immediately.

When you dial 112, we will assess whether your emergency requires our help. In this case, you will be immediately assisted.


Calling 112 only in an emergency

We receive an average of 660 calls on 112 every day of which 65% are not real emergencies. You can help us reduce this abuse by calling 112 only in the case of a real emergency. Please do not misuse the 112 number as this may prevent someone with a real emergency from getting through.

If you need to call the police and it is not a real emergency, please call the Police General Headquarters on 21224001-7 or your local Police Station.

Still, do not hesitate to call 112 when you think it is a real emergency. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Our Standards

When you have an emergency and dial 112 you can expect us to:

     answer your call within 15 seconds
     respond with courtesy and attention in every emergency
     identify ourselves at your request
     professionally assess how urgent your call is in order to dispatch the appropriate help needed for your emergency.
     do our best to ensure that a police unit reaches you within 15 minutes when your call has been assessed as a genuine emergency
     follow the call through until your emergency has been resolved or police have arrived to your assistance.

All 112 calls are subject to assessment before the level of response is decided upon. Only 112 calls which are genuinely urgent will be responded to on an emergency basis.

We assure you that full confidentiality will be maintained when we answer your emergency call.


If you want to complain about our service

If you feel that we have not met the standards we have set or if you are otherwise dissatisfied with our service, you may file a complaint by clicking here.

You may alternatively call personally at the General Headquarters, any local Police Station or Local Council Office and ask for the duty officer's assistance.

When lodging a complaint you have the right to remain anonymous but in this case we will be unable to update you with progress made in the investigation.

If you are still not satisfied, you may refer your case to the Office of the Ombudsman or the Police Board.


Quality Service Charter

The Police Emergency Services Quality Service Charter, which was intended to inform you about the Police Emergency Services and the standards we aim to reach when we assist you in an emergency, was launched on 7 March 2001.

We will do our best to maintain the standards and will make every effort to improve our services.

We welcome your suggestions, as these help us improve the service that we give you.


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