Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Legal Definition:

"domestic violence" means all acts or omissions including verbal, physical, sexual, psychological or economic violence causing physical and, or moral harm or suffering, including threats of such acts or omissions, coercion, or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, that occur within the family or domestic unit, whether or not the perpetrator shares or has shared the same residence with the victim, and shall include children who are witnesses of violence within the family or domestic unit.

"family or domestic unit" includes: 

(a) current or former spouses, civil union partners or cohabitants; 
(b) persons living in the same household as the offender or who had lived with the offender within a period of three years preceding the offence; 
(c) persons whose marriage has been dissolved or declared null; 
(d) an ascendant or descendant; 
(e) other adults sharing the same household; 
(f) persons in an informal relationship, who are or were dating; 
(g) persons who are, or have been, formally or informally engaged with a view to get married or enter into a civil union; 
(h) persons who are related to each other either by consanguinity or affinity up to the third degree inclusively; 
(i) persons having or having had a child in common;

Elements of Domestic Violence:

- Insults or threats

- Assault
- Bodily Harm

- Sexual Harassment
- Marital Rape

- Private Violence
- Harassment
- Stalking
- Fear of Violence

Economic Violence
- A by-product of Psychological Control exerted by alleged aggressor on victim

Services available:

The Gender Based & Domestic Violence Unit (GBDVU) is located within Police General Headquarters in the Floriana, the entrance reception is located in Vincenzo Dimech Street, Floriana – Google Maps link ( The GBDV Unit will investigate ALL domestic violence cases and will direct you to all available services which could be of assistance.
In ALL cases of emergency the 112 number is to be dialled immediately, while for non-emergency circumstances, a report is to be lodged by physically reporting at the Domestic Violence Unit in Floriana.
Prolonged victims of domestic violence may be shocked by an immediate change brought as a result of a report and any victim living in an abusive relation without risking danger is encouraged to seek legal counsel either from a solicitor of their own choice or can opt to contact Legal Aid Malta for legal assistance in order to obtain a clear ‘way forward’ out of abuse.
Any information and queries including the pre-reporting phase can also be carried via the GBDV section via telephony by dialling 2294 2717 / 2294 2777.
Domestic violence victims can also be referred to victim shelters if need be via the social worker agency namely APPOGG who carry out a risk assessment which could assist victim to divulge more information
An extended email service is also available to help victim in need of police report guidance, information can be requested via [email protected]