When should you complain?

You are entitled to an efficient and fair service from the Malta Police Force.

You may complain if you feel that we have not met these expectations.

We always take complains seriously and carry out a thorough investigation of every one according to established procedures.

It is our duty to draw your attention to Article 101 of the Criminal Code which states:

Whosoever, with intent to harm any person, shall accuse such person before a competent authority with any offence of which he knows such person to be innocent (shall be liable to criminal proceedings).


How can you lodge a complaint?

The best way to lodge a complaint is by completing the form attached to this leaflet and sending it directly to:

Inspector i/c Complaints
Commissioner's office
Police General Headquarters

You may alternatively call personally at the General Headquarters, any Local Police Station or Local Council Office and ask for the duty officer's assistance in filling out the form. Please take note of the identity of the official receiving your complaint and ensure that the official signs the complaint form.

It is in your interest to keep a copy of your complaint for your personal records.

You have the right to remain anonymous but in such cases we would be unable to update you with progress made.


What happens next?

We will send you an acknowledgement within three days of receipt of your complaint.

We will also send you regular reports on the progress of your investigation until its conclusions.


Contact Information:

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