Armi - Online Submission Guidelines

Firearms Collector Licence B Renewal Submission Guidelines
When the application form is submitted, you will receive an email confirming that the application has been successfully submitted and a reference number will be assigned.
When the Weapons Office receives your submission, this will be vetted in order to ascertain that you qualify for renewal, that is, if you are in possession of just a Collector B licence and if there are any pending arrears.
If you qualify to renew your licence online, payment will be immediately effected and your licence will be sent by standard or registered post.
If there are Collector B licence arrears to be paid, your initial payment will be cancelled and an email is sent to you indicating the amount due including arrears. You will be prompted to accept the new amount and if this is accepted, the online payment may proceed.
If you hold other firearms licences apart from Collector B licence, payment will not be accepted.
Once your licence has been successfully renewed a notice of completion will be sent by email and also by an SMS notification (as long as a mobile number has been provided in the application).
The postage address details will be the same as documented in the Police Weapons System.

Kindly be informed that the Armi web portal does not store any credit card details.
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