Victim Support Unit

Victim Support Unit within the Malta Police Force
As part of its transformation process, the Malta Police Force, a primary actor within the criminal justice system and the agency which most of the time is the first to come in contact with victims of crime, has now set up a Victim Support Unit. It started functioning in January 2017, and officially launched by the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security on the 19th April 2017.
The functions of the Victim Support Unit are to:
     provide a single point of contact for victims of crime, especially the most vulnerable victims, shortly after lodging a police report;
     provide crisis counselling services to victims of crime, depending on the nature and severity of the particular case;
     implement tools and procedures that will help police officers to provide for the minimum standards on the rights, support and protection to victims of crime;
     facilitate effective and timely referrals to other support services;
     monitor the number of victims that are accessing their rights and victim support services provided by the Police Force;
     deliver appropriate and ongoing training on victims-centered practices;
    establish an effective communication and working relationship with key stakeholders, both government and non-governmental agencies.
The Victim Support Unit will assist victims through their needs and concerns and provides them with adequate support. The services offered within the Unit will help to minimize the adverse emotional and psychological stresses of victims of crime and also caters for the various police obligations emanating from the Victims of Crime Act, Chapter 539 of the Laws of Malta. Amongst others, Chapter 539 requires the Executive Police to provide victims with written acknowledgement of receipt of complaints, information about non-institution of criminal proceedings, and referral to victim support services.
The Victim Support Unit has also published a Victims of Crime leaflet, containing standard police procedures, which are distributed and made available in all police districts/ branches. Victims will be offered to be referred to the Victim Support Unit for further support and information, and if they accept they will be contacted by the Unit immediately.
The Victim Support Unit can be reached on 22942160 and/or via email address on [email protected].
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