The Vice Squad

This Squad was set up in the early 1980s, with subsequent tasks revolving in investigations concerning drug abuse and related crimes, whilst the Vice Squad concentrated exclusively on issues of vice and domestic violence.
The exigencies of the work did not permit for such work to operate under one roof, and in November 1995, the Drug Squad was set-up, leaving the Vice Squad to delve further in domestic issues.
The promptness this Squad elates to issues reported, had gained the trust of organizations that work in the field of abuse, such as Agenzija APPOGG, the Child Protection Services within the Education Department and other NGOs that give shelter to battered and abused women.
Curbing the loitering and soliciting for prostitution is an everyday duty of this squad, so much so that around 200 male and female prostitutes are charged in Court each year with such offences.  Apart from this, the phenomena of Trafficking of Human Beings for prostitution purposes has been successfully investigated with persons charged in Court.
Another relatively new crime is ‘pedophilia’ or as it is commonly known as “child pornography”.  This is more rampant via the internet and close collaboration with the Cyber Crime Unit have rendered very positive results.
Other cases related to this squad are missing persons, sexual offences, illegal gambling and trafficking of human beings for exploitations.

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