Major Crimes Unit

Foreseeing the detection of offenders is the primary role this Department works onto.
Its goal is to deliver the highest quality of investigative services possible towards the Maltese community in order to hold accountable those who commit criminal offences.
In this respect, the Police have construed an amalgamation with the Local Councils, with crime prevention being high on top of the agenda.
In this regard, a useful weapon in the fight against crime was the introduction of Police Liaison Officers.  This  representation helped to instill back the fervor the community once had in the Police Force.  This meant that the community’s participation now evolved more in the proactive approached designed towards the reduction of crime.
Dialogue and persistence were the key factors in tackling and controlling the various social matters that at any one point were disturbing the community.
Homicide Squad
The revision of unsolved cases was perpetuated in the introduction of a new Squad, with the sole responsibility aimed to investigate current homicide cases and the revision of past cases that were still unsolved.
Established in 2003, this Squad through lengthy investigations, hard work and sheer determination paid dividends when in 2005 out of the four homicide cases reported to the police, three were successfully solved, while investigations are still ongoing to solve the forth homicide.
2005 was a year that brought a number of successes to this Squad when through new fresh evidence four homicide cases that occurred in the past, two of which date back to the 1980s were solved.
Other recorded success achieved by this Squad in 2005 were the investigations made into three attempted homicide cases, and the assistance given to the Special Branch into the investigations concerning suspicious deaths of a number of Chinese nationals that were found at sea between Malta and Sicily during March of the said year.
Cultural Heritage Crime Unit
The international illicit trade of works of art is considered as the second largest market through criminal activity after the trade of illicit drugs and fire-arms.  The Malta Police Force also felt the need to develop its investigative capabilities in this new crime trade.
The Cultural Property Crime Unit deals with criminal activities involving cultural property and is playing an important role in the protection of the national, regional and international cultural heritage.
Training opportunities in collaboration with Europol and Interpol have upgraded the investigative capabilities of the Unit, bringing it in line with European standards and requirements.  The Cultural Property Crime Unit was purposely set up to combat crimes of theft and illicit international trade of cultural property in cooperation with the European and International Police community.
Crimes investigated by the unit range from theft and illicit trafficking of works of art, threats and vandal acts on cultural assets, illicit excavations, plundering of archaeological sites, internet trafficking of works of art and Interpol alert notices.
Inspections and searches in yacht marinas and coastal areas by this Unit helps in the control and prevention of illicit movement within the EU and the illicit export and import of cultural property by sea to and outside the Maltese Islands. The Unit works in close co-operation with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and particularly with the local Customs to monitor the flow of cultural property through port controls. In addition, it strives to raise awareness on cultural property crime within the police itself and the general public by lecturing police officers in recruitment and in-service courses at the Police Academy and participating in public awareness seminars and events. 
Stolen Vehicle Section
This Section was established in 1993 with the aim to curb down on vehicle theft and other vehicle-related theft including that of stolen vehicles’ importation.
To suffice to today’s nature of crime, this Unit is divided between the Technical Section and the Investigative Team.
The investigative team foresees any serious vehicle crime which may lead to prosecution, such as theft of and from vehicles, trafficking of vehicles re-import/export, insurance frauds, tampering of identifications/swapping of vehicles, arson & serious voluntary damages to vehicles, and other related crime.
The Technical Section personnel are engaged on daily routine inspections regarding identifications of vehicles' details such as chassis & engine numbers and relative vehicle documents.
They regularly inspect second hand imported vehicles from non EU countries and those EU vehicles imported which after initial inspection by ADT are found to contain a discrepancy.  They also inspect vehicles which fail VRT due to a discrepancy in the ID's. 
The Technical Section personnel also stamp police identifications on vehicles, and render assistance, as requested, to other police sections and divisions.
This Unit works hand-in-hand with Europol and Interpol as regards queries concerning vehicles originating from abroad in particular regarding organised vehicle theft and trafficking. ​​​

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