The SIRENE Bureau is composed of personnel who respond to alerts received from other Schengen Member States, give instructions if a positive hit to an alert is received in Malta, as well as enter an alert from the Maltese side. Alerts included on the SIS II include those for wanted or missing persons, aliens, stolen vehicles, firearms, banknotes and stolen works of art. 
The SIRENE Bureau delivers access to the Schengen Information System (SIS) which is an established and robust European data system, also available to Maltese law enforcement officers.
The SIS is under the responsibility of the Special Branch and it is considered as one of the best systems which give enhanced benefit to policing and public safety in the Maltese islands.  
Other important tasks within the IRU is the processing of different Notices issued by Interpol, namely Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, and lately Interpol-UN Special Notices on Terrorism. Information regarding stolen works of art is forwarded to the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.
As regards stolen or suspicious vessels (mostly involved in the trafficking of illegal immigrants), instructions are issued to Police Seaport personnel and the AFM is duly informed.

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