Prosecutions Unit

The Prosecutions Unit was formed in 2000 and basically it assumes various functions connected with legal matters. The tendering of advice on criminal, civil, administrative, constitutional, international, European and other laws is the main function of the Prosecution Unit.
In this regard, members of the Unit are often required to travel abroad in connection with European Union Police and legal matters.
The Unit is also entrusted with the delicate task of requesting data information from telephony service providers when such information is vital to substantiate criminal investigations. Nevertheless such information is sometimes also requested to localise persons who are suspected to be in danger.
It is also inherent in the nature of the work conducted by the personnel of the Prosecution Unit to communicate directly with the Attorney General’s office.  In this capacity, this office also deals with foreign letters of request.  This task requires local intervention in assisting foreign authorities in judicial and police cooperation in criminal matters.  Issues connected with the transmission of persons within EU borders through the EAW and extradition proceedings are other functions of the Prosecutions Unit.
The Data Protection Unit housing the Data Protection Officer for the Police Force is also part of this Unit. The main function of this Unit is to scrutinise requests for data and information made by various Government Departments and other Private entities.  The Unit also audits data protection and is involved in other matters of legal and technical issues regarding data protection.
Ultimately, the Unit also deals with the prosecution of sensitive and specific cases delegated to it by the Commissioner of Police.

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