Police Precision Drill Team

The Malta Police Precision Drill Team was founded in 1988 and was initially called the Silent Drill Team.
During performances the team shows up in a 21 man formation.
Members are selected from the various sections of the Police Force and are required to share between their normal police duties and drill training.
Discipline and courage are among the primary requirements to join this esteemed team, considered among the best showcases of the Police Force.
During their 10 minute thrilling performance which involves more than 200 risky rifle movements, no orders are given.
The famous .303 Lee Enfield Rifle Mk IV (1941) weighing approximately 4.5kg is used and all manoeuvres are carried out with spike type fixed bayonets, making the display more risky. Display manoeuvres involve the tossing of rifles in the air high over the team members’ heads.
During the entire performance, each member has to memorize the entire performance routine and execute it without any verbal commands. This requires full concentration and team work.
Over the years the team performed on numerous occasions both locally and abroad.
In 1998 the Drill Team was invited by the International Police Association to travel to the Netherlands where it performed several displays during the celebrations commemorating the 750th. Anniversary of the City of The Hague.
With “Rhythm, Elegance, and Precision” as their motto and dressed in a splendid uniform, the Drill Team personifies the integrity, discipline and teamwork of every Police Officer, making it the only Police Drill Team in Europe.
The team is currently under the command of Inspector Justin Camilleri, who has gone up the ranks since his first involvement in the team in 1994.

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