Operations Room

The Operations Room works independently of the Control Room, which continues to operate on a day-to-day basis Police routine work.
This is used in cases of certain importance which require a concerted effort from various government departments.  For instance it was used during the CHOGM, where it housed officials from the Armed Forces of Malta, Civil Protection Department and the Health Authority.  These entities were working in harmony with the Police Force and consequently their physical presence was essential to ensure a smooth running of the event. In cases of issues of national importance the system is adopted. Moreover, CCTVs and a Radio Base are also set up and monitored round the clock during the duration of the exercise in hand.
It is also used in instances where events of certain entity are managed purely by the Police Force, and such example one would mention the General Elections and when His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI visited Malta in April, 2010.  In such instances they would need to monitor what is going on and keep a track record of voting stations, ballot boxes as well as the personal security of VIPs. 

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