Mounted Section

The Police Mounted Section became operational in 1860, after the then Police Commandant Hector Zimelli, gave his authorisation to buy six horses and all the necessary equipment.  At that time, the stables were situated in Archbishop Street, Valletta.  Later they were transferred to a more appropriate place, that is in Marsa.
Originally, the Mounted Section was set up to perform patrol duties around the Island, maintaining public order and to perform escort duties with dignitaries on their official visit to Malta.  However, this was not all, as from time to time the Mounted Section was called to perform other duties.
One of these duties was the carrying of the deceased, where in fact, in 1893, a horse was bought to specifically be utilised as a police hearse.  At the time, besides being used to carry people who die in accidents or in cases of sudden death, as it is still the norm today, the hearse was used to convey corpses whose family was unable to finance the funeral.
Today the Mounted Section is composed of 21 horses and 15 officers.  A normal tour of duty consists of an eight-hour shift in which the staff are required to perform various tasks which include the following: care and maintenance of the horses and tack, patrol work with the high-visibility nature of horseback patrols to deter criminal activity and to reassure the public,  escort to ambassadors presenting their credentials, to H.E. the President of Malta, public order and crowd control and performing of  displays especially during the annual celebrations of the Police Anniversary in July. ​ ​​​

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