The first form of International Policing started in the inter-war years with the International Criminal Police Congress. During the same period efforts for the setting up of an international Police organisation were renewed. The term “Interpol” was coined in 1946. From then on, the organisation expanded and set up various databases and organised initiatives and programmes aimed at the prevention of particular crimes. According to the Constitution of Interpol, no activities are based upon politics, race and religion.

Interpol in Malta

The Malta Police joined Interpol in 1972, after intense discussions between the Maltese Government and the Interpol authorities. The Interpol office at that time was a small office, however the office started to expand and in the 1980s, it became an independent body.  The means of communications, between the local NCB and other foreign counterparts also developed itself in the meantime. Prior to the 1990s, the local office communicated with the other NCBs through the telegraphic message system. In 1994, a system known as the X-400 was brought at Interpol Office, whilst in 2003, the more efficient I 24/7 system was introduced.

The important tasks conducted by this Unit are the receiving of messages and sending of requests from other units within the Force to other Police Forces; the vetting on foreigners who apply for work and for residence in Malta, together with the vetting of vehicles brought into Malta through the ASF (Automatic Search Facility).  

The different types of information are processed according to the offences covered by the Europol.  The internal procedures and the legal framework of the local police have been adapted in order to facilitate utilisation of Europol’s co-operation structures. Europol’s structures are generally utilised where organised criminal activity is suspected or where criminal activities have a Trans-border nature. 

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