Economic Crimes Unit

The Economic Crimes Unit was set up in the mid-1980s and was originally know as the Fraud Squad, with the main investigations covering cases of fraud, misappropriation and custom-related cases. 
In 1997 the Squad expanded to compliment the ever increasing crime and a change in structure permitting a division between investigations of Fraud and those in Economic Crimes.

The next years saw the introduction of more Squads within the Economic Crimes Unit - that of the Money Laundering and the National Counterfeit Office.

The Squad is responsible to investigate crimes such as fraud, misappropriation, forgery, embezzlement, bounced and stolen/forged cheques, plastic card fraud, foreign counterfeit currency, usury, intellectual property rights infringements, VAT fraud and misappropriation cases, computer and internet fraud, extortion and money laundering amongst other related crimes.

This Unit carries out sporadic raids and inspections to curb intellectual property rights particularly in open markets and retail outlets, be it audio/visual, clothing, tools, electrical appliances, cigarettes or computer software.

National Counterfeit Unit

On 15th April 2004, to be in line with the European Union directives, the Malta Police set up the National Counterfeit Office in preparation for Malta’s accession into the European Union.

The function of this Unit is to focus on counterfeit currency - both local and foreign, with the main tasks being the liaison with the Central Bank of Malta in matters related to such crime, to investigate crimes related to the print, distribution, and use of counterfeit notes and coins on a national level and to serve as a common platform for the dissemination of information with foreign police.

This Unit comes to the aide to Branches and Sections within the Police Force, especially when counterfeit items are involved.  In such cases, the assistance of the Documents Analysis Section, the Photographic Section and the Cyber Crime Unit is included in the investigations.

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