Financial Crimes Investigations Department

The Malta Police Force is compelled to innovate to keep up with a rapidly changing landscape and increasingly innovative criminals. During the year 2020, the Financial Crimes Investigations Department (FCID) underwent significant changes and today it is the largest investigative unit within the Malta Police Force, with around 100 members.

In September 2020, the FCID relocated to its present new state of the art 4-storey building in Santa Venera with 2,600 square metres of office space and car spaces, which has been specifically structured according to the current and prospective requirements of the Department.   

The FCID encompasses two major squads, namely, the Anti-Money Laundering and Terror Financing Squad, focusing on crimes related to Money Laundering, Assets discovery and recovery, Cash Control Regulations and Financing of Terrorism and the Economic Crimes Squad focusing on serious fraud cases including fraud to the detriment of the EU, Corruption, including Sports Corruption, falsification of documents, online fraud, serious cases concerning Intellectual Property Rights and Excise Duty.

In September 2020, the Tax Compliance Office was set up with an investigative team focusing on complex cases concerning tax evasion including Missing Trader Intra Community fraud, amongst others. The Financial Crime Analysis Unit and the Blockchain Analysis Unit also form part of this department.

The FCID highly depends on strong cooperation with both national and international law enforcement agencies and recently an International Relations office was also set-up within this department with the main aim of handling international matters including being a point of reference to the European Public Prosecutors Office.


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