Drug Squad

The first investigations relating to drug offences in Malta were conducted in the 1970s. These investigations were conducted by officers posted at CID.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s the Vice Squad was formed with responsibility for investigating drugs offences as well as other offences such as prostitution, gambling, etc. The Vice Squad was part of the CID and fell under the charge of Superintendent CID.

In November 1995 the Drugs Squad was formed as a separate entity from the Vice Squad but both remained within the CID. In 1997, the Drugs Squad became part of the newly formed Drugs, Vice and Economic Crime Department, under the charge of an Assistant Commissioner.

In November 2003 the Drugs Squad was established as a separate Department under the charge of an Assistant Commissioner.
The Drug Squad is responsible for conducting investigations into all drug-related offences. These include investigations following seizures of drugs made by all law enforcement agencies, cases of overdoses, and most important of all, investigations of drug trafficking individuals and organisations. The Drugs Squad takes a proactive approach in the investigation of drug traffickers by targeting individuals and groups of individuals operating in this field.

Operations resulting in seizures of considerable quantities of drugs are invariably the result of long investigations.

Keeping in mind the international nature of drug trafficking and the importance of international cooperation in this field, the Drugs Squad has always endeavoured to establish and maintain good relations with law enforcement agencies in other countries. As a result of Malta’s E.U. membership, this cooperation has taken a new dimension in respect of our EU partners and institutions.
As a result of this enriched cooperation the Drugs Squad has began to participate in international investigations conducted in more than one country. It has also been possible to draw on the assistance of our EU partners to trace drug traffickers who had been instrumental in the supply of drugs to Malta and who have now been surrendered or are in the process of being surrendered to Malta in order that they may be charged in  the local Courts.

On many occasions, this Squad participated in seminars and workshops in different European countries.  Also, various workshops have been organised in Malta under the auspices of the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States.

Although the principal role of the Police is law enforcement, however the Drugs Squad also takes a proactive role in the field of drug prevention by taking part in various prevention activities organised throughout the year in schools, youth and religious organisations and other civil organisations 

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