Dogs' Section

In this technological world, Police Forces are still making good and proper use of dogs in matters related to public order and peace.

The first dogs utilized by the Malta Police Force were a group of four German Shepherds, which where trained in public order for crowd control.

The Malta Police Force Dogs Section is divided into two sections: Protection/Assault dogs and Search (explosive and narcotics) dogs.

The Protection/Assault dogs are the ones trained to assault and apprehend criminals, either in an act of an offence, or as a deterrent. The dogs are normally deployed at football stadia to ensure public order and crowd control, and throughout patrols in remote and rural areas around Malta. 
An important role performed is the VIP protection of dignitaries and public figures visiting our islands.

The duties that the Search Dogs have to entertain are twofold: the search for explosives and narcotics, which varies from cocaine, heroin, cannabis, resin, ecstasy etc..  These dogs, in either case, are trained to sniff and find and once they achieve their quest, they scratch or bark at the object in order to get the attention of their handler.

Searches of the kind are mostly performed on the arrival baggages or luggages at the Malta International Airport.  Other tasks performed are during roadblocks and road checks.  

The Dogs’ Section also performs important duties with the Police Drugs Squad, in order to assist their personnel in any searches they conduct.

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