Cyber Crime Unit

The Cyber Crime Unit is a specialised section within the Malta Police Force set-up in 2003.  Its primary role is to provide technical assistance in the detection and investigations of crime wherein the computer is the target or the means used.  The Cyber Crime Unit is made up of police officers who are trained in the investigation of crimes that take place over the internet or through the use of a computer.
The Cyber Crime Unit’s involvement is not limited to criminal acts commonly associated with technology itself - such as hacking - but extends to investigations of more traditional offences such as fraud, threats and other serious crimes.  Indeed, the Cyber Crime Unit’s assistance is sought regularly in order to preserve information found upon internet websites, during searches carried out by police officers from a number of different sections of the Police Force, in the analysis of digital evidence seized in connection with investigations as well as in identifying persons who are committing crimes over the internet.
Due to the internet’s global element, the Malta Police Force works closely with a number of international organisations and law enforcement agencies in an attempt to make the internet a safer experience for Maltese internet users.  Through initiatives held under the auspices of agencies such as Interpol and Europol, members of the Cyber Crime Unit receive specialised training on a regular basis.
Undoubtedly, child abuse taking place over the internet has never been overlooked by the Malta Police Force.  Over the years, members of the Cyber Crime Unit, in conjunction with members from the Vice Squad, have participated in a number of efforts to curb such abuse.  At times initiated by foreign law enforcement authorities, these investigations targeted Maltese residents who were allegedly in possession of child indecent material or were involved in child abuse taking place over the internet.
Another important aspect of the Cyber Crime Unit’s duties is related to crime prevention.  In coordination with the Community and Media Relations Unit, members of the Cyber Crime Unit regularly visit schools, youth organisations, local councils and other activities held in the community to promote responsible internet use as well as provide tips on how to lessen the chance of being victimised over the internet.  In collaboration with local internet service providers, the Cyber Crime Unit also manages a Child Abuse Internet Filter which prevents Maltese internet users from accessing websites containing child pornography.
The Police Force’s investment in the Cyber Crime Unit is continuous.  As well as updating the equipment and other tools that are made available to this section, members of the Cyber Crime Unit regularly receive specialised training to improve their technical skills.  Presently the Cyber Crime Unit is made up of eight police officers.  The members forming the Cyber Crime Unit are an Inspector, three Police Sergeants and four Police Constables.
The Cyber Crime Unit can be contacted by telephone on (+356) 2294 2231 or on e-mail address [email protected]

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