Community Policing

The term Community Policing highlights the type of management style and organizational design promoting problem solving and police-community partnership to address causes that of crime and fear as well as other community issues.
In Police jurisdiction, Malta is divided into two Regions - Region ‘A’, comprising of the southern part of Malta, and Region ‘B’ covering the northern part.
The Regions are built on Districts that function both in the Executive and Judicial duties of the Police in towns and villages.
Community policing in our streets is built on two foundations of community building and problem solving.  Through these foundations, the police transcends reassurance through visible and effective patrolling in our streets. This is high on the Force’s agenda and is achieved by establishing partnership with Local Councils to crack down crime by working on a mixture of action:
     Education and assistance;
     Setting clear objectives for rapid response;
     Identify and institutionalize well-developed strategy in order to have clear objectives and measured           performance;
     Improve the quality of briefing and de-briefing;
     Targeting of hot spots for coordinated action in preventing violence and other criminal activities.
An important factor in community policing, in which the Malta Police is investing its resources, is the type of training given to all its officers, with the emphasis made on those officers performing duties within the community.  The training structure has been designed for the delivery of a more community-oriented officer and expand on one’s  inter-personal skills.

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