Command and Control Room

Good communication during operations is highly dependable on the efficiency and the type of information transmitted between this Unit and all the other departments within the Force.

Performing as the hub of the Police Force, the Command and Control Room guarantees a 24-hour service through a complex communications’ system.  

It also houses the emergency line 112, where all type of emergency calls are received. This system permits the emergency units, that is the Police, the Armed Forces, Civil Protection Department and the Casualty Department within the Mater Dei Hospital, to cater for the reported emergencies.

Another system housed by this Unit is the Datatrek which consents an overall view of a detailed electronic map system identifying the position of both the Mobile and Motorcycle Units to provide a speedy response and intervention when the need arises.

An initiative taken by the Police Commissioner, Mr John Rizzo and the shop owners of Valletta was the installation of surveillance cameras in strategic spots.  This initiative has been a tantrum in the crime of snatch and grab, which saw a decrease since the installation of the CCTVs.

Crime Stop -  119

This has been in use for quite some time and it serves as a 'crime stopper' whereby members of the public are invited to communicate with the Police Control Room, even anonymously, and pass on information of criminal nature.  This service is also free of charge and thereby facilitates access by the public with the Police.

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