C.M.R.U.—Community and Media Relations Unit

The C.M.R.U. mission is to “provide effective and efficient communications between the citizens who request police assistance and endeavours to provide assistance to its members and also to the Media”.
The essential credentials to perform in such a delicate post is through one’s creativity, initiative, good judgment and ability to communicate clearly, especially through the transmission of information to journalists.

Although the Police is considered as an entity which is there to deter any type of crime, it also has the role of an educator.  In this respect, it integrated and blended with other educational institutions in order to educate especially children in preventive measures, such as traffic, abuse, crime and drugs.

The duties are divided into three: Community Relations, Education and Media Relations.

     Co-ordination of lectures in schools, Local Councils and the various NGOs in educational lectures;
     Handling of requests for information from students, journalists and the public;
     Complaints from Local Councils that are sent through the Customer Care System;
     Daily monitoring of both visual and radio programmes, especially those concerning the Police;
     Publications of press releases and the coordination of Press Conferences;
     Quarterly publication of the Police Magazine;
     Co-ordination of visits to the various Police premises, such as the Dog Section, Mounted Section, Police Academy and Police Museum;
     The introduction of the Police Mascot, which was introduced in the Police Day of the 192nd Anniversary;
     The up keeping of the Police website;
     Customer Care;
     Relations Relations between the Police, the media and the public;

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