Automated Border Control (ABC) Gates at the Malta International Airport (MIA)

​The Malta Police Force (MPF) implemented the Automated Border Control System (ABC) at Malta International Airport (MIA), which introduced two gates at the departure and two gates at the arrival area of the Schengen Area. The EU citizens and Schengen members will be able to use these gates and avoid long queues to travel to countries outside of the European Union and the Schengen area for a more efficient and secure immigration process. These gates support the efficient operations of our immigration unit who safeguard the Maltese and European Borders. This project is co-financed by EU funds through the ISF (Internal Security Fund) programme 2014-2020, with the Malta Police Force spending €918,218.52 (inc. VAT) to procure the system's hardware and software, service configuration and the necessary training for the immigration officers stationed at MIA.