Persons arrested in connection with money laundering

Reference Number: PR_810_20, Press Release Issue Date: Nov 26, 2020
​Months of intensive investigations by the Anti-Money Laundering Section within the Financial Crime Investigations Department, resulted in the arrest of 15 persons in connection with money laundering. 

During this operation, the Police seized 36 vehicles, €60,000 in cash, a considerable amount of jewellery and designer clothes, electronic equipment which include among others, mobile phones, computers and servers and a large amount of documents, which are still being analysed. 

Whilst investigations into this case are still ongoing, five persons have already been charged in Court, with money laundering charges and other offences.  Bail was denied and they are being held under preventive arrest at the Corradino Correctional Facility. 15 legal persons (companies) were also charged in court with money laundering offences.   The Court also ordered the freezing of their assets of both natural and legal persons.
These investigations are being coordinated with foreign partners, including Europol, US, Italian and British counterparts. 

This press release is being published after the Court lifted a publication ban imposed on one of the hearings and thus the Force is now in position to provide the respective details.