Three persons arrested for theft in Swieqi

Reference Number: PR_656_19, Press Release Issue Date: Nov 04, 2019
​Early today at around 0315hrs the Saint Julian's Police received a call from a resident, who resides in Zejni Street Swieqi, that she was hearing suspicious noises coming from outside her residence. Further on, she also claimed that she allegedly saw a person going inside her property and that a car was parked in front of her residence with some persons inside that looked suspicious.

The Saint Julian’s Police immediately reported on site where the car with the persons in it was noted. The Police surrounded the car and ordered the persons to immediately get out. In spite of this, the driver reversed, trying to flee the scene and ended up crashing into a parked car.  The Police constantly were trying to stop the car and open the doors. During this scenario a Police Sergeant was slightly hurt.

Later on,  the two persons that were in the car were arrested on site together with another person that came out from the residence.

The three male suspects are expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow the 5th of November, 2019.

Police investigations are still being carried out by Inspectors Joseph Xerri and Leeroy Balzan Engerer.