Three men arrested over drugs

Reference Number: PR_320_19, Press Release Issue Date: Jun 14, 2019

In less than 48 hours, investigations by the Drugs Squad Police led to the arrest of three men, two Britons and a Maltese aged between 28 and 37, residing in Naxxar, Zabbar and Msida. 

Following a search in the car of one of the Britons who lives in Naxxar, the Police discovered several packets containing, what is thought to be cannabis plants amounting to 2kg.  It appears that the packets were ready to be supplied.  The Police also searched his residence where other packets containing white powder, also amounting to around 2kg were found.

Preliminary examinations carried out by a Court expert appointed by the Duty Magistrate, revealed that the white powder found in these packets could be a cutting agent which is usually mixed with drugs to increase volume, thus increasing the dealers’ profit.

Further searches were also carried out in Msida, at the residence of the other British man, where €70,000 in cash were found together with two watches costing around €24,000 amongst other items. 

It also appears that these persons are part of an organised crime group which imports cocaine and cannabis to Malta for trafficking reasons.

The three men are expected to be arraigned in court in the coming days.

Investigations by the Drugs Squad Police are still underway.