Theft from Residence

Reducing the opportunity for criminals to make us their victims is key to crime prevention. The following are some do’s and don’ts in order to try and reduce the chance of becoming victims of crime.  
     Always ensure that there is a good light outside your residence;
     Install safe and secure windows especially on ground floor and outside windows;
     Avoid putting a reed curtain (hasira) on your front door;
     Invest in a burglar alarm;
     Valuable items and important documents should be stored out of sight and if possible in a safe;
     Never keep large amounts of cash and valuable items at home unsecured;
     Keys should never be left in pots, letterboxes, under a doormat etc;
     Make sure that all doors and windows are closed and secured by strong locks;
     Put on a door chain and a spy hole. These let you know who is calling at your door prior to opening;
     Always check identification cards of people calling at your door prior to letting anyone inside;
     Avoid giving information of your whereabouts like “Going Abroad” “Home Alone”, “Out to party” on         social network sites;
     Trees and plants in front of residences should be kept as low as possible to allow visibility;
     Valuable items such as jewellery and antiques should be photographed and marked;
     Any information regarding suspicious persons and/or vehicles should be noted and forwarded to the       Police either at the Local Police Station or by calling Crime Stop on 119;

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