Snatch and Grab

Snatch and grab refers to an act of sudden grasp intended to forcibly obtain an object. Many times this technique is used by thieves who want to steal items like bags, purses, mp3 players or mobile phones.

To reduce the risk of becoming a potential victims of these robbers, one should consider taking the following steps: 

     Always opt for a well lit and busy street when available;

     Be attentive of what is happening in the street and be on the alert;

     Walk against the flow of  traffic to notice oncoming vehicles;

     Avoid walking with mobile phones, mp3 players or other valuable items in hand as these attract thieves;

     Bags should be worn on the inner shoulder or across your body;

     In winter, bags can be worn under a jacket/coat;

     Do not struggle with the aggressor, especially if armed or if your bag does not contain valuable items;

     Valuable items, keys, cash or personal documents should not be carried unnecessarily.

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