Internet Safety Tips

​With some simple preventive measures such as the following, one has a lesser chance of being victimised when using the internet: 

  • ​​​The importance of having software that detects the presence of malicious programmes or unauthorised access to one’s computer can never be overemphasised.  Having security software (such as an anti-virus programme, firewall, etc) not only protects the computer system itself but also the information stored within.  One has to ensure that his security software is always active, updated regularly and is capable of scanning files received through e-mail messages as well as those downloaded from internet websites.


  •  One should protect his password as if it were his house key.  A password is personal and should never be divulged to anyone.  It is suggested that, wherever possible, one uses a password that is unique, difficult to guess and that contains both letters as well as numbers.


  • Personal information should not be disclosed unless one knows what this information will be used for.  Most internet websites provide a privacy policy stating how the information submitted will be used.  It is important that one retains control of any information and photos posted to social networking websites by using privacy settings to control who can see such information.


  •  Credit card numbers and other financial identification details should never be sent in an e-mail message.  One should make use of secure internet websites or find alternative methods of payment when sending monies.


  • Not all that glitters is gold!  One should ask himself whether he knows who the seller/ company he is making a purchase from is known and what remedies exist in the case of an issue with his purchase.  Some reputable online shopping websites provide feedback submitted by internet users who had previously made a purchase from this seller.  This information may, at times, give an indication of what is expected when making a purchase from the seller/ company in question.


  • Messages promising large sums of cash or lottery winnings are received on a regular basis.  In such cases, one is strongly advised to use the internet as a source of information and conduct a search within an online search engine about this opportunity prior to communicating with the sender or sending any information or monies.


  • ​The parenting role is more important than ever in today’s world.  Parents should be aware of what internet websites their children are visiting and be able to discuss with their children the benefits of using technology responsibly.  The use of filtering software for young internet users is recommended, however such programmes should never take the place of proper parental supervision and active participation in the child’s online experience.


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