Smart Policing

​Enhancing the Capacities of the Police Cyber Crime Unit

The budget for this project, which will run until the end of 2020, stands at EUR 672,910. 

This project will fund equipment used in investigations undertaken by the Cyber Crime Unit.  This investment will upgrade already existing equipment, replace obsolete equipment and introduce new equipment and capabilities that are, to date, not available.  

The investment will be directed towards four project objectives:

a) Upgrading of tools used in the search and seizure of digital evidence. This includes the setting up of mobile laboratories to facilitate the collection of evidence from large scale computer systems

b) Replacement of laboratory equipment used for the analysis of digital evidence. This will include the introduction of new capabilities in the analysis of portable devices and storage of seized evidence

c) Upgrading of computer systems and equipment used for technical enquiries and online investigations, and

d) Capacity building in investigating Online Child Abuse. This includes new possibilities in the analysis of Child Sexual Exploitation Material and the setting-up of a Victim-ID function.

Throughout 2017, the Malta Police Force purchased equipment used during the search and seizure of digital evidence from the scene of the crime.  This equipment includes 2 vehicles, external hard disk drives and digital cameras.  The vehicles purchased will be kitted up as “mobile laboratories” using forensic equipment purchased throughout the remainder of the project.  The aim of this investment is that digital evidence found at the crime scene is preserved, collected and transported in a forensically sound manner in order to ensure its validity and integrity throughout the criminal justice process.

The focus throughout 2018 is on the setting up of new office space and digital forensics laboratory that will be housed in new office space which has been designed specifically for this purpose. The project will fund IT equipment used for internet investigations, forensic workstations and other digital forensics equipment that will be used both at the digital forensics laboratory  as well as at the crime scene (within the “mobile laboratories”).  A dedicated Victim-ID lab for Child Sexual Exploitation Investigations will also be set up within the new Cyber Crime Unit premises.​

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