Police Equipment

The Malta Police Force is in charge of maintaining Malta a safe and secure country; therefore, through its risk analysis and quick response to crises, it strives to eliminate or minimise any risks that may arise. The project thus aimed to furnish the Malta Police Force with the following equipment in order to combat such threats: bullet proof over vests, bullet proof under vests, inflatable vests, stab vests, riot kits (helmets, shin guards, anti-riot shields and carrier bags for anti-riot kits), ballistic plate sets and flame retardant suits with hoods worth € 256,368.60.

The project has thus provided more adequate equipment to assist the Malta Police Force in delivering a better service. The aim of this project was to equip the Malta Police Force with the following equipment: 

     Bullet proof undervests, overvests and inflatable vests;
     stab vests and ballistic breast plates sets; ​
     riot kits;
     flame retardant suits with hoods (this being a new addition to the Police Force’s equipment)

All the above equipment shall now assist the Police Officers to deliver a more efficient and effective service, by utilising greater safety measures. It is to be noted that the radios component (as well as their allocated costs and project savings) were transferred to project - New and Complete Infrastructure to House the Command and Control Room. This equipment will maximise the safety of police officers during raids and surveillance of dangerous areas which pose security-related risks and crisis. It will also help in preventing, combating and protecting people and critical infrastructure against cross-border, serious and organised crime including terrorism.​

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